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Stay Tuned fore more details on how Jim Waldron Training is stepping into the online training world with Personal Training sessions for $10.00 a month geared toward you. Click the Link Below from Train Heroric or download the App on your Iphone.

Jim Waldron Training, LLC

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If you are looking for a workout plan for yourself please contact Jim at  732.319.1094.  Plans begin at $75.00 for eight weeks, this is individual plan each week written for you. It also includes a 10 minute conference call each week.

If you wish to train with Jim you can book a session starting at $65.00 an hour.


Come on into Powerhouse and try out the Hot Yoga program. Flight Yoga, NJ is the newest and hottest yoga around and with the new introductory pricing, you really don't want to miss out.  Click the logo for more information.text.
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Jim Waldron's Elite 4-day Training: Click Here
3 Day Women's Training: Click Here
Home Beast Training (Minimal Equipment needed): Click Here